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Changes to the Local Authorities Election Act

May 16 2024

A letter from Mayor Brian Waterhouse:

Dear residents,

As you may have heard, the Provincial Government is planning to make changes to the Local Authorities Election Act and the Municipal Government Act through Bill 20.  These changes will have an impact on our Summer Village as we will see some added costs and unintended consequences.  Additional concerns for the Summer Village are:
- Virtual component for meetings and public hearings.  May add expenses.
- Council bylaws can be overridden by cabinet.
- individual Councillors can be terminated by Cabinet “ in the public interest” without recall      petitions or notice as to why.
- Possible municipal political parties in the future.
In the attached, Alberta Municipalities, an advocacy group the Summer Village belongs to, has supplied some detailed information about the changes and they have indicated if they support or disagree with the changes.  See the report here.

Your council supports ABmunis' position on these changes.  The provincial government has not given sufficient time for the Summer Village to organize and pursue an independent lobbying strategy and, as a result, all that the SV can do is to encourage our residents to consider following these suggestions made by ABmunis.  
Contact your local MLA and raise your concerns. 
Share your thoughts respectfully on your favourite social media platform.
 Please contact the Summer Village administration if you have any questions.
Brian Waterhouse
Mayor, SV of Sundance Beach

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