Protect Pigeon Lake

Precious Resource

All of us have a role to play in protecting Pigeon Lake. It's essential for Summer Village residents to know how to take part.

The government of Alberta has produced a series of brochures to help lake lot owners understand what can be done to protect and preserve this precious resource.


Responsible Lake Living 

Responsible Lake Recreation

Lake Legislation

Understanding Lake Science

Aquatic Vegetation and Lake Health

For more information check out the Alberta Government website

Stewardship Planning and Resources

The Land Stewardship Centre of Canada has some cost share resources to help implement best practices on recreation properties.

Green Acreages Program


The APLM and Pigeon Lake Watershed Association are working together for the health of the lake.

The Alliance of Pigeon Lake Municipalities (APLM) is a group of Elected Officials in the Pigeon Lake region whose members are from the 10 Pigeon Lake Summer Villages, County of Wetaskiwin No. 10 and Leduc County. They meet quarterly to share information and work on projects for the benefit of residents and visitors to Pigeon Lake.

Water Monitoring Buoy

This buoy is a high tech addition to Pigeon Lake.  The Summer Village of Crystal Springs jointly with the Summer Village of Sundance Beach and other Pigeon Lake Summer Villages, purchased the monitoring buoy with a provincial grant to help gather more information about Pigeon Lake. It monitors changes in water quality and temperature to give scientists the most thorough and up to date information.

The live data from the monitoring buoy can be viewed on this link.

The Alberta Government has put together a fact sheet on the purpose of the buoy.

Shoreline Disturbance

Pigeon Lake is a key resource for aquatic recreation.  It's essential everyone cooperates to keep shoreline disturbance to a minimum.  The Alberta government has instituted a disturbance standard for everyone placing a dock or boat hoist in the water.  For the health of the lake, and your own knowledge, it's worthwhile looking at these:

Mooring Disturbance Standard

Public Lands Administration Regulation