Bylaws - Community Feedback

Looking for your feedback

Council has been reviewing and updating all of the Summer Village Bylaws.  This was to ensure that the bylaws were relevant, and to align with the requirements of the Municipal Government Act and any new legislation changes.

The following bylaws affect standards of living within the Summer Village, and before passing the bylaws, Council wanted to gather feedback from residents on any suggested changes to any of the bylaws.

Could you please e-mail your comments on any of the bylaws to by Monday, June 21, 2021.

Council will then review all comments and make any changes at a Special Meeting of Council to be held on June 24, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. on zoom.


Title of Proposed Bylaw Current Bylaws in Place
2020-08 Unsightly Premises Bylaw

P19  Minimum Maintenance Standards

P161 Unsightly Premises

P9-171 Unsightly Premises

2020-11 Tobacco Products and Cannabis Use in Public Places

P18 Smoking

2021-05 Municipal Addressing


2021-07 Control of Noise

P26 Noise

2021-06 Control of Traffic

A25 Traffic Devices

P7-168 Parking and Traffic Control

P7-168 Schedule A

P7-168 Schedule B

A35 Road Bans, Vehicle Weight Restrictions and Road Protection

P27 Road Bans, Vehicle Weight Restrictions and Road Protection

A40 Traffic Bylaw

A43 Regulation and Control of Traffic Devices