The Summer Village uses an automated garbage pick-up system. Each lot with a cabin will be supplied with one 240 L garbage bin. Residents are responsible for replacing lot or stolen carts ($100 cost). On the garbage schedule, Sundance Beach falls within the North Shore category.

Pickups are weekly starting May 7 - October 29, 2018

Summer (May - Oct) Weekly on Mondays
Winter (Oct – May) Bi-Weekly on Mondays

ALL garbage must be inside the can. Any extra bags outside of the can will NOT be picked up.

2019 Garbage Pick-up Schedule


If your garbage can gets damaged (i.e. a broken wheel), please contact GFL Environmental Inc. at: (780) 444-8805 or email:, and they will get it scheduled for repair. They will need your name, phone number and house number. It usually takes about 2-3 weeks, as their maintenance person will coordinate a number of repairs at the same time.

Extra Garbage

Extra garbage that does not fit in your garbage can must be disposed of in an acceptable dump facility.

You must pay at time of dumping (cash or cheque)

In order to access the Sunny Brook or Mission BeachTransfer Station, you must have an access card. Cards will allow the holder a one-time access to the Sunnybrook or Mission Beach Solid Waste Transfer Station only (each card states the specific station). The attendant at the station will collect the card as payment for the services offered at the transfer station.

The access cards are $20 each, and may be purchased from the Summer Village Office at a cost of $20 per card. You may also get a card from Kim Falkenberg at #95 Sundance Beach. His phone number is: (780) 914-1805.

  SunnyBrook Transfer Station - User Information

Road Bans

During spring break-up (~April - beginning of June) there is a 50% road ban in Sundance Beach, as well as surrounding area. The remainder of the year the road is at 75%.

Snow Removal

Snow removal is done by a contractor after major snowfalls as necessary. Please contact the office if the road needs to be plowed.